Monday, 23 October 2017

Niuean Language Week 2017

Fakalofa Lahi Atu Everyone!!! 

What a Week! Niuean Language Week 2017 has certainly been all the hype at Rongomai School and the Room 6 Aiga have loved every second of it!!! Here are a few pics. Enjoy!!!

...Niuean Artifact Showcase...

Allan brandishes a Niuean War Club

Lucas, Shawn, Koshar, Arcadia, Johnny-Mac, Krystal, Damantis and Apimeleki practice their Sika throwing technique 

Manaia, Taylor and Zak adorn Niuean Pulou Lotu 

That photo bomb though 🤣🤣🤣 

Mikylah tries out her coconut scraping skills 

...Crazy Hair/Niuean Village Games Day...

Crazy Hair Day + Niuean Village Games = 
Pure Awesomeness!!!

Spear (Pool Noodle) throwing 

Maniah, Krystal and Abigail take off on the first leg of the Alofi relay race 

Coconut throwing with Irene, Krystal and Shawn 

Hayzel lines up the coconut target while her team mates watch on 

Room 6 face off against Matua Lui, Matua Vae, Matua Altar and Matua Vae in Niuean Tug-of-War 

Best Crazy-Hair-Day participants 

The Room 6 Aiga would like to extend a massive thank you to the incredible Matua Isacc for organising the best Niuean Language Week Rongomai School has seen to date! We also want to thank to Niuean Language Week Team for your help and support throughout this week. 

We’ve enjoyed this week and we can’t wait for next years Niuean Language Week. Stay tuned for more hip-haps from the Room 6 Aiga. Until then, soifua ia! 

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  1. I missed out big time!!! The photos say it all!!! What a full on fun and enjoyable week.