Sunday, 19 August 2018

Cook Island Language Week 18

Happy Cook Island Language Week 2018! 

The Room 6 Aiga have thoroughly enjoyed Cook Island Language Week 2018. Thanks for the amazing efforts of Miss Tumutoa, Matua Ben, Whaea Pae, Whaea Naomi and Whaea Ngatere, all the tamariki of Rongomai School have had a good taste of the tropical Kuki Airani life style. 

The Room 6 Aiga have enjoyed learning how to introduce themselves in the Cook Island language, 

 learning about the importance of love and forgiveness through the story of Ina and Tinirau, 

choreographing and performing a traditional Cook Island dance for the Kukis Got Talent Showcase, 

and also learning how to design and create a gorgeous TAV design using stencils generously provided by the Katoa family. 

There are two more Pasifika Language weeks left in Term 3. Tongan Language Week 2018 in Week 7 and also Māori Language Week 2018 in Week 8. The Room 6 Aiga cannot wait! We’ll be back with more highlights but until then, ei muā! 

Monday, 23 October 2017

Niuean Language Week 2017

Fakalofa Lahi Atu Everyone!!! 

What a Week! Niuean Language Week 2017 has certainly been all the hype at Rongomai School and the Room 6 Aiga have loved every second of it!!! Here are a few pics. Enjoy!!!

...Niuean Artifact Showcase...

Allan brandishes a Niuean War Club

Lucas, Shawn, Koshar, Arcadia, Johnny-Mac, Krystal, Damantis and Apimeleki practice their Sika throwing technique 

Manaia, Taylor and Zak adorn Niuean Pulou Lotu 

That photo bomb though 🤣🤣🤣 

Mikylah tries out her coconut scraping skills 

...Crazy Hair/Niuean Village Games Day...

Crazy Hair Day + Niuean Village Games = 
Pure Awesomeness!!!

Spear (Pool Noodle) throwing 

Maniah, Krystal and Abigail take off on the first leg of the Alofi relay race 

Coconut throwing with Irene, Krystal and Shawn 

Hayzel lines up the coconut target while her team mates watch on 

Room 6 face off against Matua Lui, Matua Vae, Matua Altar and Matua Vae in Niuean Tug-of-War 

Best Crazy-Hair-Day participants 

The Room 6 Aiga would like to extend a massive thank you to the incredible Matua Isacc for organising the best Niuean Language Week Rongomai School has seen to date! We also want to thank to Niuean Language Week Team for your help and support throughout this week. 

We’ve enjoyed this week and we can’t wait for next years Niuean Language Week. Stay tuned for more hip-haps from the Room 6 Aiga. Until then, soifua ia! 

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Room 6 Awesomeness Post!!!

Welcome to the Realm of Awesome!!!

These four girls have been working hard this year during writing, reading and handwriting and it’s all paid off. 
Well done to Talita, Irene, Hayzel and Tiare for receiving your Pen Licenses! 

Homework has been a total hit in class and the room 6 family take pride in completing their homework to the greatest standard. 
Lucas, Taylor, TL, Dezlynd, Zak, Talita, Irene, Hayzel and Liana finished ALL of their homework on time! 
Thank you so much parents for helping out! 

Watch this space for more AWESOMENESS but until then, soifua ia! 

Friday, 4 August 2017

Cook Island Language Week! #2ndChallenge

Kia Orana! Room 6 have been learning how to count in Cook Island and they have also enjoyed learning the Kuki Airani alphabet. We have loved every minute of it! Here are two videos that showcase our learning. Meitaki ma'ata! 

Kuki Airani Alphabet!!!

Kuki Airani Numbers 1 - 10 

Watch this space for more awesomeness from Room 6 but until then, Meitaki!!! 

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Cook Island Language Week! #1stchallenge

Kia Orana from Room 6! 

Cook Island Language Week has definitely started with a bang at Rongomai School and Room 6 have been loving it! Here is a quick snippet of some of the beautiful language from Kuki Airani we have been learning in class so far. Enjoy and meitaki! 

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Samoan Language Week 2017

Samoan Language Week 2017!!! 

Talofa Lava! Room 6 have certainly enjoyed the first few days of this years Samoan Language Week. We've explored the traditional tatau (thanks to Matua Hazze and Whaea Lei), introducing ourselves and also looking at key values that are central to Samoan aganu'u. Here are some pics from this week so far! 

Happy Samoan Language Week!!! 
Set the scene in the library!
Siapo backdrop! 
Kilikiti time! 
Alo'a twins! Looking smart boys! 
Weaving practice! 

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Room 6 Inquiry: SUCCESS

Room 6 Inquiry: 

Talofa Lava! Matua Lui signing in with the maiden blog for 2017! Room 6 have been working really hard to follow our Rongomai Inquiry model: S.U.C.C.E.S.S!!! We had a lot of fun making the letters so watch this space if you want to know more about what they stand for! Fa'afetai!